hi, i'm felia !! feel free 2 read a little abt me n my interests. โ™ก

i live in the US and currently go to school + work!

i have two cats in which i love dearly, and i plan on studying psychology.

most of my time is spent nestled in bed reading, napping or spending time with friends !

thanks 4 stoppin by ..

๊’ฐ comforts ๊’ฑ

เญจเญงโ”Š fenrir โ™ก
เญจเญงโ”Š music โ™ก
เญจเญงโ”Š nimona โ™ก

๊’ฐ interests ๊’ฑ

เญจเญงโ”Š elita โ™ก
เญจเญงโ”Š gaming
เญจเญงโ”Š literature โ™ก

anything hearted in these lists are special to me โ™ก

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